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Darko Mitev - Masterclass


Darko Mitev has been in the CG industry for the past 12 years. Currently living and working in Dublin Ireland, as Lead Character Artist in Brown Bag Films. He started his career in the VFX world, in a company called FX3X, in Macedonia, and ever since worked on many projects for various different companies like, Fx3X, Video House, Brown Bag Films, Axis Animation, Alt VFX, Sehsucht, and clients like Disney, Netflix, Apple TV, Microsoft, and many more. In this presentation, Darko will take us through the entire process of creating one of his latest artworks called Oris City. He will talk about the concepting, modeling, texturing, lighting, render and compositing the final shot, as well as how he is turning this shot into a short film. Check out Darko Mitev Artstation ⤵️

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