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3D can enviorment scene


​Unleash your creativity, and create the games that you always wanted without any restrictions or rules.
You will be scored on your creativity by industry professionals.

Create your game in UE and we will promote your work at the M3CONFERENCE!


  • You made it! Welcome to the GDHT - Competition

  • We love passionate people that want to upgrade their skills and test them immediately, with this approach there is progress. (THIS IS THE WAY)

  • Rules? there are no rules to create any type of game that you want in UE.

  • Feel free to explore your creativity, if your game is not finished please video record it and submit it!

  • By submitting you will enter the selection of the 500 artists for a specialized Unreal Engine training program.

unreal engine game jam unreal engine competition GDHT
M3DS academy creating games


  • The competition starts when you certify yourself by submitting your video course game to the GDHT program.

  • The submissions for the finals will be on 03/NOV/2022 (11:59 PM).

  • Winner announcements 05 - November at the M3CONFERENCE.

  • Selection for the specialization program will be on 15/NOV/2022.

  • The time is calculated by your time zone. 

Twitch channel for 3D artists


  • When you are done with your game or you almost reach the deadline please start making a video presentation of how your game works and describe it.

  • Upload your presentation and your game play to your favorite video-sharing website YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

  • Submit your links and continue to the M3CONFERENCE - 05-NOV-2022

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