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From Player to Creator:
Your Journey Begins... Now


Ever found yourself lost in the mesmerizing digital worlds of your favorite games? Imagine, instead of just playing, you're the one CREATING

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The Evolution: From Player to Pioneer

In the glow of our screens, we've all journeyed through galaxies,

battled epic bosses, and wandered vast digital terrains. These late-night voyages, where the boundary between our room and the realm of pixels blurs, ignite something deep within.

A whisper. A yearning.

"Could I Craft worlds like these?"

The prospect seems exhilarating, but equally daunting. Self-doubt 

creeps in: "Is this even possible?" The dream of crafting and controlling, rather than merely experiencing, feels distant.

Yet, in the gameplay, desire is hard to put back in the box. The path to becoming a creator, to shaping those very universes, might be closer than you think. MЗDS Academy's Year One program is that bridge between dreams and reality.


"Is it worth it?


This isn't an expenditure it's an empowerment.

An investment in a dream, in a lucrative and dynamic industry.

At MЗDS, it's not just about lessons; it's about transformation.

You're not just learning; you're evolving, surrounded by a community that shares your fever for gaming, while being mentored by pioneers.

Now, instead of just navigating worlds, you're designing them. The power , the creativity, the sheer exhilaration of being in 'God mode' It's indescribable. And it's waiting dor you. 


If you've ever felt that yearning, that ambition to move from player to creator, now's your moment.


Every iconic game developer started just like you, teetering on the edge of ambition. MЗDS Academy offers the key to possibility.


The question is: Are you ready to dive in? 

Robot Wars
Game Character Creation
Game Developers

Begin your journey with Academy Years 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Academy Year 1:

Start: Begin your journey from a novice to a 3D freelancer.
Finish: Gain advanced skills in Autodesk Maya and other industry-standard software. Acquire international Autodesk certification. Build a solid foundation for your creative career.

Academy Year 2:

Start: Define yourself as a 3D artist and discover your unique style.
Finish: Master Unreal Engine 5, Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter. Become versatile in the 3D world. Work confidently in various 3D-related industries.

Academy Year 3:

Start: Elevate from a junior to a senior 3D artist.
Finish: Specialize in character creation, realistic sculpting, and texturing. Create game-ready characters and environments. Gain international advance Autodesk certification.

Academy Year 4:

Start: Prepare to publish your first game using Unreal Engine.
Finish: Learn advanced game development techniques, become an authorized training instructor for Epic Games, and gain international expert Autodesk certification.

Surreal Monster





Valid until canceled

Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter

(12 Months) 1 on 1 - VIP Mentor Support

International Basic Autodesk Certificate

M3DS Basic Academy Certificate

Edu Licences Maya, Zbrush, Substance

Portfolio Promotion

Unlimited access to classes 24/7, indefinitely.

Best Value

Academy Year Bundle: 1, 2, 3 & 4



Discounted Bundle: From $14,760 to $12,380

Valid until canceled

Academy Year 1 + Benefits

Academy Year 2 + Benefits

Academy Year 3 + Benefits

Academy Year 4 + Benefits


Substance Painter Beginner to ADVANCE

​Concept art for GAMES

Unreal Engine Developer Course

(48 Months) 1 on 1 - VIP Mentor Support

Unlimited access to classes 24/7, indefinitely.

Save $7,380 with this bundle discount.

A Decision Worth Every Cent:

Think of MЗDS Academy Year One as not just a course, but an investment. An investment in a dream, in a career, in a future where you are the creator.


Simon Zafirovski

Not only is M3DS an exceptional educational institution, but also an excellent development studio as well. That mix is hard to come by these days and offers students real-life situations they can learn from. 


Mario Stojanov

M3DS Academy changed my life. From just another player, I now have a thriving career in the game
development, creating worlds that thousands experience every day.


Mihail Danilovski

M3DS offers an outstanding educational experience for aspiring 3D artists and game developers. Exceptional instructors and valuable industry insights.

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