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for the love of the game, create games fast learn to create games i want to become the best 3D artist in the world


For the Love of the Game

GDHT - 2022




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  • Welcome to the 7th edition of the Game Design How To? (GDHT)

  • The program starts on 10/10/2022. 

  • Applications for new members will end on 25/OCT/2022 at 11:59 PM.

  • The submissions for the finals will be on 01/NOV/2022 (11:59 PM).

  • Winner announcements 05 - November at the M3CONFERENCE

  • Certification 07 - November (email)

  • The time is calculated by your time zone. 


In the next 6 hours, you will learn how to create your first Unreal Engine 5 game. Read this lesson plan before you begin with the Event so that you have a better understanding of the overall course.


  • Introduction

  • Level 01 - 05

  • Closing Thoughts


  • Basics of Unreal Engine

  • Basics of Blueprints

  • Character Blueprints and Abilities

  • Level Sequences

  • Packaging and playing your first game


  • Unreal Engine 5

  • Good attitude 😀


  • Any other information you might need you will probably find in our Discord Server. If you have any questions feel free to ask us through the Discord Server.


  • When you complete the GDHT Course, you will move on to the GDHT Competition. This is where you will have 3 weeks to complete your first own game with Unreal Engine and submit it on our website. The best games will be featured at the M3CONference where many industry professionals will get to see your creations. For more information head on to the GDHT Competition.


  • Introduction - You will Learn the very basics of Unreal Engine, such as navigation, content browser, and playability.

  • Level 01 - You will learn the basics of Blueprints, a visual scripting method native to Unreal Engine which is based on C++. (Note: you do not need any previous knowledge of programming or coding)

  • Level 02 - You will learn to upgrade your blueprints and how to communicate with the Character Blueprint. You will also learn the basics of Animation Blueprints and how to implement them into your own game.

  • Level 03 - You will learn the basics of Level Sequences. We will look at animations with the Level Sequencer inside of Unreal Engine using keyframes and curves.

  • Level 04 - You will learn how to create Character Abilities and work with Level Blueprints and Trigger Boxes.

  • Level 05 - Get Creative! Use the premade layout of Level 05 to create your own final stage of the game. This will be the start of your entry into the GDHT Competition

  • Closing Thoughts - You will learn how to create an End Game Blueprint and finally how to package and ship your game.​​

3D cross


  • When you are done with the program, upload your game to your favorite video-sharing website YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

  • Submit your link and continue to the GDHT Competition in order to enter the selection of the top 500 artists for a specialized Unreal Engine training program.

  • Your certification of the GDHT Program will be sent on 07-08 November.

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