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Learn how the creative industry works with our structural programs.



For the start of the Academy Year, we will be using Autodesk Maya as its an industry standard.

Autodesk Maya has a broad range of attractive dynamic and complex models to life - from Weapons and Environments to Creatures and Characters.

Master a full toolkit of helpful tools and shortcuts, to produce stunning models and get the most from your effort. 

Important Goals that we much achieve in the first several months are:


  • Learning the Basics/Intermediate tools of Autodesk Maya

  • Learning the Geometry Workflow for the Game and Film Industry

  • Creating and working with complex geometry 

  • Exploring Animation

  • Creating your first models

  • Working with Deformers 

  • Understanding how Blend shape Geometry works

  • Learning the workflow between software​

... Next, it's the Sculpting Department, where the artist falls in love with his/her creativity.


​ZBrush is the most advanced digital sculpting program out there. What separates it from other 3D tools is that ZBrush mimics traditional sculpting techniques all done digitally on a computer.

Sculpting in ZBrush, it's like working with a digital ball of clay, shaping the object as if you were working by hand.

In this part of the pipeline, you will learn how to use ZBrush as a conceptualization tool for organic and hard surface models. 

The concept model will then serve as a guide to creating a clean mesh using Maya retopology tools. They will conclude by learning all of Substance Painter available features for texturing.

hmm... hard to understand we know... so the instructors from
the M3DS Academy have 
prepared a video to help you.



"Keep in mind that the best artist in the sculpting industry
have stick man drawing abilities!"



 UV Mapping is the 3D modeling process of projecting a 2D image

( image2 ) to a 3D model's surface ( image) for texture mapping, essential for texturing, but not very interesting.

The UV can be created in multiple programs but with the new futures of Autodesk Maya, we have the advantage to create quick and industry-standard UVs.


If we don't create the UVs properly, we would not be able to Texture our Models professionally. 

But don’t worry! We explain UV Mapping in the most crystal clear and easy-to-follow way so that you’ll never have trouble with UVs again.

Never before has learning UVs been so painless and quick!

UV Maping

Texturing Department ''RIP Graphics Cards''

With Substance Painter, you will learn abilities to push your objects to the limit until real-world materials at the push of a button, blend them across your model to produce stunning works of art, in no time at all.

Nearly every AAA game studio uses Substance Painter, making it the industry standard for physically-based rendering material authoring.

Here we will start with the basics, showing you how to create a project and import assets, as well as use the integrated baking system. 


  • Fundamentals of Substance Painter

  • Normal & height map ( transferring the maps from Zbrush ) 

  • PBR metal/rough & spec/gloss

  • Alphas, textures, and shapes

  • Smart materials

  • Creating your own custom materials

  • Export for Unreal Engine, Unity...


Rigging - Creating Controls for your Models
the seven month in the Academy keep it going!


Rigging for some artists Rigging is amazing for someone it's pain in the hours...

In the industry Rigging was and it's still the hardest and most creative department.
Wondering why?

Because some characters in the Animation movies have more than 6000 controls!

  • In the Academy, you will have the chance to learn how to ring your own characters and model.

  • Understanding the influence of the geometry (for example skin)

  • Creating custom controls

  • Rigging Animals

  • Rigging mechanical models

  • Creating Facial rigging and controls

  • What will be the most interesting thing is we will be creating a rig for motion capture where we are going to test our rigs with our own acting abilities!


Animation - the character animators start bringing the characters to life

When we start animating that means we can start now implementing our feelings and emotions to the characters, our goal its to achieve the personality and act with the right sense to the characters.

  • We will start by learning the fundamentals of the traditional 2D animation

  • Learning the workflow for Game and Film Animation

  • Animating walk and run cycles

  • Animation Live-action scenes

  • We will be working with Motion Capture Suits acting our animations and refining it.

  • Finally, we will be creating Animations for your Game project!




Game Development  
here is where you realize that you need a new PC

Unreal Engine_edited.png

Game Development

Unreal Engine gives you everything you need to start from enterprise applications and cinematic experiences to high-quality games across PC, console, mobile, VR, and AR.

In the Academy, you will get a basic understanding of game mechanics and gameplay also you will be able to develop a game from scratch using blueprints.

Be able to combine multiple animations for your game's characters to create costumes environments, AI (Artificial Intelligence) for your game as well as
the game logic and boundaries you’ll want to have.

Game Developmet

No Portfolio No Certification


When the student is finishing the Academy Year they must provide a graduation project is a short animated movie for which the student will write a script, and create characters, environments, and animation. The video will be an excellent contribution to your first portfolio.


When the student completes the practical assignments and delivers the final project and portfolio, each student will be able to receive an international certificate of completion from Autodesk Training Center.

 As a certified specialist will be entered into the Autodesk Certified database.

KEEP THIS IN MIND!!! The student Portfolio is the most important aspect of the whole graduation where the student is showing their best work.


    • Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter
    • (12 Months) 1 on 1 - VIP Mentor Support
    • International Basic Autodesk Certificate
    • M3DS Basic Academy Certificate
    • Edu Licences Maya, Zbrush, Substance
    • Portfolio Promotion
    • Unlimited access to classes 24/7, indefinitely.

    • Maxon ZBrush
    • (6 Months) 1 on 1 - VIP Mentor Support
    • 120 Structural Classes
    • M3DS Intermediate Academy Certificate
    • Portfolio Promotion + Interview
    • Unlimited access to classes 24/7, indefinitely.
    • Edu Licences Zbrush

    • Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine
    • Marvelous Designer, Marmoset
    • (12 Months) 1 on 1 - VIP Mentor Support
    • International Advance Autodesk Certificate
    • M3DS Advance Academy Certificate
    • Edu Licences Maya, Zbrush, Substance
    • Portfolio Promotion + Interview + The Rookies Interview
    • Unlimited access to classes 24/7, indefinitely.

    • Introduction to the software
    • Fundamentals
    • Texturing your Models
    • Texturing Game Characters
    • Painting
    • Rendering
    • Portfolio
    • Texturing stylized Props
    • Texturing realistic characters
    • Anchor Points
    • Creating Materials
    • Environment textures
    • Color blending
    • Working with UDIMS
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    • Academy Year 2 + Benefits
    • Academy Year 3 + Benefits
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    • Substance Painter Beginner to ADVANCE
    • ​Concept art for GAMES
    • Unreal Engine Developer Course
    • (48 Months) 1 on 1 - VIP Mentor Support
    • Unlimited access to classes 24/7, indefinitely.
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