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3D holographic projection of the wine "T'ga za Jug"

M3DS Academy in cooperation with TREED was part of the promotional campaign of the Tikves winery, for their recognizable wine brand "T'ga za Jug".

We present to you our project for the 3D production of the new design of the recognizable product of Tikves.

The bottle is completely modeled in the Autodesk Maya program, starting with a simple cylinder, and then through several tools and functions, to get the cap and the label.

The final image, animation, and video were made with Unreal Engine.

This was the first project where we actively used the Niagara Particle system to get a more dramatic feeling. To obtain these particles, the path was developed in the Autodesk Maya program. the form in which they would travel. This gave more interesting effects and at the same time good lighting for the whole scene.

Additionally, this project was made with the new Path Tracing technology of Unreal Engine, which captures the same accurate reflections as traditional offline renderers.

In cooperation with TREED and their integrated 3D holographic display system, which projects 3D holograms, in a very interesting way was contributed to the promotion of "T'ga za Jug".

See what the promotion looked like in the video below:

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