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50 Hours M3DS Game Jam

The M3DS Academy for 3D and Game Design is organizing the second M3DS Game Jam to be held at the M3DS Academy premises


The event will start today and will last until February 23. It's a 50-hour marathon where about 20 M3DS students will make a game on a single topic at the outset.

This Game Jam is a test for students at the academy where they can test their knowledge gained during class and turn it into a game. By participating in creating the game, you will see in practice what the best students are, and what they need to pay attention to and upgrade.

Last year's M3DS Game Jam took time in October when nine students within 24 hours had the challenge of making their models in a quite short time.

Below is a video from last year's M3DS Game Jam, where you can see the students work

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