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Become a part of M3DS and the film and gaming industry!

Do you show interest in character creation, your own game, or have a creative tendency to get involved in the film industry by investing your time in personal education?


The M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design is an academic partner with Autodesk Training Center, and certificates issued after a successful course are internationally recognized and licensed directly by Autodesk.

M3DS is a partner with Epic Games and has collaborated with many other domestic and international studios such as:

Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Picture ImageWorks, Lucasfilms, Vertigo, Hugo's Desk, Nordeus, 3lateral, Lynx Animations, Cylindo, and many more.

As part of the M3Conference conference on computer graphics and animation, some of the tops of these companies were able to bring them to our country, giving lectures on the industry.


  • After graduation, each student is immediately able to start working professionally in companies, on large projects, freelance, or in their own company.

  • At the 12-month Academic Year, students gain knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace as a result of their education through practical exercises and real-life projects.

  • will study the most common computer programs in the industry: Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, and during the training, they will meet with primary knowledge from other related programs.

  • Students receive support from instructors and extracurriculars, so each student's justified lost class is reimbursed additionally.

  • will work individually, but also in a team-based manner, to ensure that the working atmosphere of a real company project is achieved.

  • If the student does not have a computer on which to complete homework, M3DS provides him with a computer station at the academy, where he could come in his spare time.

  • will be focused on the proper development and promotion of their portfolio.

  • you will have the opportunity to be part of educational events and conferences, where you will learn from many of the world's leaders in the industry.

  • will have the opportunity for internship in companies of the same industry with which we have established cooperation.

  • will receive feedback and recommendation, as well as their promotion, thereby increasing their chances of success and employment.

  • will obtain internationally recognized certification directly from Autodesk.

Please fill out the Google Form to register your interest at the following link:

Upon completion, you will be contacted by phone for vacancies as well as the start of the September 2019 curriculum.


We offer the following studies:


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