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Behind the scenes of 'Toy Story 4' from Pixar, at M3Conference

Mara Macmahon joined Pixar Animation Studios in February 2016 as a character modeling and rigging artist on „Cars3“. She worked on Pixar’s Academy Award®-winning short “Bao,” which was released in front “Incredibles 2.”

MacMahon, who was a character designer and rigger on Bo Peep for “Toy Story 4,” is character modeling lead on an upcoming Pixar feature film.

As a character modeler and rigging artist, MacMahon translates the art department’s designs into a 3D model and adds controls for the animation department, much like one would sculpt and add strings to a puppet so it can act.

Prior to Pixar, MacMahon worked as a rigging artist at TinyCo, Dreamworks, Toys for Bob and Sony Imageworks. Raised in Chicago, she attended Washington University in St. Louis. She lives in Berkeley, Calif.

With the return of BoPeep in Toy Story 4, artists were tasked with reviving a decades-old character whose life turned out very different from Woody’s. This talk traces the development of BoPeep in our production pipeline, from researching original Toy Story assets and artwork from our Pixar archives, to her evolution in story and art, and finally through teams including rigging, shading, tailoring, and others.

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