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Blast from the past with new technology - Ivan Gonzalez

⚫️My name is Iván and I'm a videogame game and narrative designer. One of my concerns is to take advantage of the large market and the large number of people who consume video games, publishing video games that at first glance seem simple to pass the time, but after analyzing them you discover that they have a great background behind accompanied by social criticism of various aspects of current affairs. In short, I would like to use video games as a way of expressing my opinions with respect and without positioning myself on one side or the other, but as a general criticism.

⚫️As for my skills, I consider myself to be quite a creative and responsible person, and despite being an introvert, I consider myself to be a people person, as well as having a great capacity for leadership.


Don't waste my water is a puzzle-platform videogame in which a garden gnome has to go in search of his companion, who has been swallowed by roots and taken underground. This gnome will always carry a watering can that will act as the core mechanic of the game, watering the roots in order to interact with the environment in different ways. The key to this game is that it is a garden gnome made of water, so the water that the gnome pulls from the watering can is the water itself. This means that the levels have a limit to the number of uses of the core mechanics, thus limiting the movements within each level.


Condemned to Die is a DEMO of a video game where you will play the role of a child who is trapped in a school. The child must advance through the different rooms following the game's instructions and try to complete it by solving the different tests that are presented to him. At first glance, the objective of the game seems to be to overcome the escape room, but what you are really doing is following the different clues that another child has left you until you find it. The real story of this videogame tells how a bully gets locked up in a school and the boy who was being bullied has left him several clues with a specific objective.


"Dualotl" is a platform videogame in which we will have to solve a series of puzzles as we advance towards our objective: to reach the other's area. We will control both characters at the same time and our objective will be to carry out the different tasks with both of them.

  • How did you find out about UESP?

I honestly did not expect to receive an invitation to participate in the

program and was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed everything I learned

in it as I was really looking forward to starting using Unreal Engine to be able to

express my ideas in this engine.

  • What expectations did you have about the course?

Expectations were very high as I had been doing a lot of research on the

different programs on offer.

  • Did we manage to fulfill them? Be honest 🙂

In all honesty, expectations were far exceeded. After completing the different

programs that were offered to me, I managed to learn a lot about Unreal

Engine and how to express my ideas within this engine.

  • What's next for you?

Well, right now I'm working on a game of my own with the intention of

launching a Kickstarter campaign in September. After this, my desire to work

has increased, and above all to keep learning every day. Here I leave the

networks of the new game I'm working on.

  • What will you say to the people who want to attend this course?

I would like to say to all those who are interested in this world, do not miss the

opportunity, you will learn a lot, and above all, you will leave with a great desire

to continue learning and improving every day. Thank you very much for the


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Subscribe to our newsletter below and win a free course for Unreal Engine 5 ( create your first game)

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