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It Novum 2017 “live with Greg Berridge from Sony Picture ImageWorks”

Stefan Mitrov with part of IT Novum 2017 participants, as well as part of video call with Greg from Sony Pictures Animations

IT NOVUM is an educational event aimed at young people aged 16 to 30. Its goal is to raise awareness and develop information science. We expect a large number of high school students, students, unemployed, young people, enthusiasts. The days will be filled with companionship, expert training, practical training, presentations by many foreign companies, all of which will end with a high competition, says our interlocutor.

Last year M3DS organized a "Discover the 3D artist within yourself" competition of 150 people, and this year, as it says under the new name "IT Novum 2017", will try to do the impossible - to train and certify 400 participants in 3D.

This time we also had great support from Greg Berridge from Sony Picture ImageWorks, who contacted us via video call and congratulated us on a successful and well-run organization.

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