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Create new opportunities with the 3D Artist Freelance Course

Start your new career. Learn, create and be part of the freelance world


The 3D Artist Freelance course allows you to gain quality knowledge in the most needed programs in the 3D industry, but also how to build your portfolio to stand out on freelance platforms.

Create your own opportunity for a new career in the freelance world, becoming a certified 3D Artist, and get mentorship from proven experts in the field of freelance. The course is organized in such a way that students first master the most popular computer programs in the field of 3D technologies, and then through the mentoring of proven freelancers build their first portfolio and application for a real project on freelance platforms.

Upon successful completion of the training, the student obtains an internationally recognized certificate issued by Autodesk USA, as the M3DS Academy of Visual Arts is a licensed Autodesk Training Center.

🔺level: advanced

✔ Duration: 3 months, (01 March 2022 - 01 June 2022)

🕐 fund of classes: 80 hours

🔍Lectures: 2 times a week + consultative lecture

👨 Internationally certified instructors

🎓 Certification: international certificate from Autodesk

💻 no prior knowledge is required

Opportunity to attend classes ONLINE or LIVE.

Time of teaching (depending on the group in which the student will be a member): Noon group : 12:00 - 14:30

Afternoon group : 15:00 - 17:30

Night group : 19:00 - 21:30

Students are entitled to additional classes for missed classes, once a week, with prior agreement with the instructors.

The cost of the 3D Printing Course is

  • for online attendance: 890 EUR (or 4,561 MKD in 12 equal monthly installments)

  • for attending live classes: 1,590 EUR (or 8,148 MKD in 12 equal monthly installments)

Work for yourself and organize your working hours as you wish. Learn from a team of experts and master the way of working, such as the freelance, that is becoming more and more popular.

For more information please contact us or by phone at +38975445680 или +38977820335

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