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Creating the Next Future Environment - Bárbara García

Hello hello! 👋🏻

⚫️I'm an aspiring 3D environment artist focused on creating high-quality materials.

⚫️In my opinion, materials are a fundamental part of a game's visual storytelling, and this is why I'm focusing on understanding how materials, textures, and shaders are created.

⚫️Apart from the modeling/sculpting, good texture maps make a model shine and stand out even more, explaining its story completely. I love it! I'm doing both realistic and stylized work, so I can create amazing props and environments to fit any era, style, story, and game.

⚫️Join me on this journey as I share my work, ideas, and discoveries in the realm of 3D environments and material creation. Let's push the boundaries of visual storytelling together and create unforgettable gaming experiences.

  • Jungle Environment

For this work, I decided to experiment and give it a low poly wooden pieces toy set visual style. All the assets were created in Blender, texturized with Quixel Mixer, and implemented to Unreal Engine 5. I've used Helga Taniushkina's Jungle concept.

  • Mystery House Environment

In this project, I built a modular house and assets as a part of the environment. I also created the materials in Substance Painter. I wanted to recreate a mystery/terror atmosphere, inspired by environments like Alone in the Dark, Haunting of Bly Manor, and The Last of Us. I've also used some Quixel Bridge assets for the foliage. I created the trees with Tree It. I started with one idea but then changed it to create a more playable environment.

  • Dramorea Residential District

I've used the Cyberpunk Assets from KitBash 3D to build the level (I also had a great time exploring and modifying materials!). I've done the level design, set dressing, modified materials, lighting, and optimization. It started with the idea of creating with Blender an isolated cyber pub environment, but as soon as I opened Unreal Engine and placed it, it got out of hand. Then, I also thought of making the level playable.

  • Tower in the forest - Diorama environment

In this project, I have been in charge of modeling all the assets and the terrain, creating the UV's, hand-painted texturing, creating the shaders, lights, and composition.

  • Glossy Ceramic Tiles - Substance Designer

After a material study, I created glossy ceramic tiles in Substance Designer. The material is completely procedural and customizable. I have included clean/dirt versions, the process of creating the material (I wanted to make it as simple as possible) and the parametrization, and the maps.

  • Realistic Wood and Metal - Substance Designer

For this work, my main goal was to create realistic materials in Substance Designer. In order to show them and give them a context, life, and history, I decided to create 3 different chests and put them into a rustic/desert environment inside Unreal Engine 5.

  • Brick Wall - Substance Designer

In this project, I did a material study based on a brick wall I saw on the internet. Apart from the reference image, I based the shape of the bricks on some walls I saw on the street that I found more appealing. I wanted to create a realistic material with a parameter the user can control that regulates the amount of concrete patches on the wall.

  • Gym Mat Floor - Substance Designer

In this project, I was given 2 pictures from my gym floor and my goal was to replicate the mat. I wanted to be as close as possible to reality, maintaining the design, level of dirt, and even the indentations that the original floor has as a result of the hard training!

  • Ghibli Stylized Ceramic Floor - Substance Designer

n this project, I wanted to create a ceramic floor to experiment with stylization, and I also explored a new workflow, not only in the graph, but to ensure the correct implementation of exposed parameters in Unreal Engine.

  • Stylized Rocky Cliff - Substance Designer

This time, I wanted to do a stylized texture study based on some real-life references of rocks and cliffs. It has been created inside Substance Designer and rendered in Marmoset.

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Subscribe to our newsletter below and win a free course for Unreal Engine 5 ( create your first game)


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