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Donated 3D printer in “Gjorgji Naumov” high school in Bitola


Yesterday the students from the technical high school "Gjorgji Naumov" from Bitola received a new 3D printer, donated by MZDS Academy for 3D and Game Design, as an incentive for their further successful work and a motive for even better cooperation.

With this, we want to raise the level of education and knowledge in the field of IT technologies. We want to improve the development of 3D design and animation, as well as the necessary tools for video game creation.

At the same time, we announce that educational 3D workshops will be held for high school students from the Republic of Macedonia, which is planned to start in April at this school for curious students - enthusiasts. They will be trained to work in the Maya program designed for 3D modeling. 3D instructors will conduct the workshops from the M3DS Academy, which is internationally licensed.

With such a gesture, we are pleased to be able to provide many further collaborations and contribute to the improvement of students' education. We are happy to offer them additional motivation and purpose for their progress.

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