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Enrollments at M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design are open!


Enrollments for 3D and Game Design training at M3DS Academy are ongoing.

If you've always dreamed of creating characters or your own game or wanting to become a part of the film and gaming industry while looking for a chance to realize your creative potential, then

M3DS is the right decision for you.


The M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design is an academic partner with Autodesk Training Center, and certificates issued after a successful course are internationally recognized and licensed directly by Autodesk.

Additionally, M3DS has partnered with Epic Games. It has collaborated with many other worldwide studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Picture ImageWorks, Lucasfilms, Hugo's Desk, Nordeus, 3lateral, Lynx Animations, Cylindo and many more.

As part of the M3Conference Conference on Computer Graphics and Animation, some of these companies managed to bring them to Macedonia and delivered lectures on the industry.

Please fill out the Google Form to register your interest at the following link:

Upon completion, you will be contacted by phone about the vacancies, the start of the syllabus, the benefits, and the conditions we offer for the course you are interested in.


We offer the following courses:




  1. We provide support and care for students not only during classes but also 24/7, especially for new students who have difficulty with their homework assignments due to their basic knowledge of 3D.

  2. The M3DS Academy provides a workstation for every student, providing access to up-to-date computer equipment.

  3. 3D printers - allowing students to use our 3D printers to print their models, even use them for their final project.

  4. Motion Capture - From this year, we can proudly point out that our Academy also has motion capture sensors. We have implemented them in our academic year so that students can be more trained in the field of animation.

  5. For advanced students, our support consists of helping them with their projects in and outside the Academy, as with our help, they will be able to complete the project with the highest quality and have greater success.

  6. If a student did not attend any of the regular classes, our instructors and mentors have the responsibility to make sure that the student stays up to date with the whole group. They manage to keep the team coordinated.

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