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First Exhibition of M3DS Academy

More than 20 best-made models, environments, and student characters were exhibited, which 3D modeling lovers, as well as all other visitors, were able to view in the gallery above the Frosina buffet.

Besides, over 50 printed 3D models were also featured, and among them was found the most giant 3D print in Macedonia at just over 110cm, made by Petar Kotevski.

The 3D printer was put into operation to print the next model so that attendees could witness the very process of making a model of this similar caliber.

In honor of the triumphantly completed academic year, there was also the formal awarding of AUTODESK certificates to all passing students, as well as diplomas for the first year of the two-year course to the youngest.

The best student of this academic year was named the student who invented the 4th shift, did his best, and dedicated himself to his progress, to achieve his dream - Marko Lazov. He was awarded the Xp-Pen Star 03 tablet as a reward for such success. Still, in the name of friendship and collegiality, Marko gave it to Andrei Smilchevski, the student who got the credit with all 3D printed models and who made a tremendous personal sacrifice during their making.


The M3DS team is grateful to a large number of visitors who took part in their time and supported this exhibition and are proud of our students' success as they are our portfolio.


More photos of the event can be found in the following link.

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