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I Quit College!

Hello, I am Nikola Trajchevski. Yes, you read it right, I dropped out of college to pursue my dreams.

My portfolio today contains my favourite movies/series, and I'm proud of what I've achieved! Thanks to M3DS Academy.

My success story started like this:

After 2 years of studying at "FINKI" college, I came to realize that I had no ambition left in me and 0% energy, I simply became a robot.

Every parent's lifelong dream, including my parents, was to graduate from college, but that dream turned into a nightmare for me!

I promised myself that I would make a change in my life, I promised myself that I would put those 2 wasted years of my life behind me and get over them.

But when you lose all your ambitions, where do you start? You ask yourself if I will choose the right path or if I will make the same mistake again.

One thing that made me find the right path is my friends; with one question, my life changed and the question was, "what do you want to be when you grow up?", at the moment I answered, "I have a passion for playing games, and I enjoy watching Marvel movies.

The pivotal moment where my life changed was when I was asked, "if you have a passion for playing games and watching Marvel movies, why don't you learn to make them?" I was shocked.. that never occurred to me, I said to myself.

I asked them where to start, and they suggested the M3DS Academy of Digital Arts; honestly, at first, I was sceptical about the quality and hesitated to enrol.

When I went to the interview and saw the portfolio of the students, as well as the companies they cooperate with, such as Pixar, Disney, Marvel, DreamWorks, Unreal Engine, and Autodesk, it changed my mind and gave me confidence.

Today I can proudly say that I am their result, but for everything I have achieved so far, I am responsible for myself, M3DS showed me the exact path that I should follow, with that I regained my self-confidence and so I will continue to walk towards success.

Advice for new generations: What do you want to be when you grow up? if we share the same passion for playing games and watching movies, you know where to start.

If you enter the 3D industry, you can work on literally everything that is visual, not only games, movies, and series, but you can also advertise, 3D printing, product design, fashion, etc.

When you finish the M3DS Academy advice:

  • Don't limit yourself to just one skill, as I mentioned the industry is large and you need to experiment.

  • For those who want to specialize in one skill, spend every hour in it, because 1 hour spent now equals 10 hours in the future.

  • If you get a job in a company: Be the best so that you don't depend on the company, but the company depends on you. In this way, you will never be lazy, and you will not be afraid of dismissal. If you are fired, only the company loses, and not you!


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