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Guest lecture with Marko Lazov, 3D Character / Creature Artist and former M3DS student

On May 18, 2022, the students from M3DS Academy of Visual Arts had the opportunity to hear advice and experiences from one of the most prominent 3D artists in our country, Marko Lazov.

Marko Lazov is a graduate student from the M3DS Academy, in 2018, and because of his dedication and excellent work during the lectures, he was chosen as Student of the Year.

Marko has been working as a 3D Character / Creature Artist in the Triple-A industry for over 2 years.

It is currently part of 4A Games Studio, known for Metro Exodus, Metro Last Light, and Metro 2033.

He has also worked on video games such as Back4Blood, Mortal Online, and ARMA and really stands out with his rich portfolio. You can view his portfolio on his Artstation.

Yesterday's guest lecture was held online, and Marko shared a number of tips and tricks to make students stand out for their abilities and create their creations more easily.

We also talked about his personal path, motivation, and discipline, and concluded that personal development and consistency in this industry is the most important thing.

We wish Marko even more future success. We were honored to have him on as our guest and to share his experience with our students.

Take a look at a small part of what was demonstrated at this MasterClass below.

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