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Ivan and Aleksandar rewarded with professional XP-Pen tablets!


The M3DS Academy, in collaboration with XP-Pen Macedonia, has awarded two of its students with new XP-Pen Star 03 Pro graphics tablets.


Ivan Stamenovski and Aleksandar Vangelov have deservedly received these tablets for their dedication and commitment to hosting the IT Novum 2018 event.

The IT Novum events, organized by NGO Inovum, were held in May this year and aimed to raise awareness of the development of information science in Macedonia. There were three particular event types: Game Design How to?, Rethink Creative Marathon, and Game Day. Our students have put in a great deal of work, and we, in collaboration with XP-Pen Macedonia, have once again proven that every job is valued and worth rewarding.

We hope that these graphics tablets will significantly improve their current work in their studies and serve as an additional motivation for their future professional engagement in the 3D field.


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