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Ivan Stamenovski - M3DS student, who is slowly realizing his dream

Ivan Stamenovski with his rendering at the M3DS Student Exhibition of 3D Academy and Game Design


We introduce you to Ivan Stamenovski, a movie fanatic who is interested in 3D as early as 2017, at one of the IT Novum events. Young enthusiast, with his persistence and coordination of the team, the basic knowledge gained at these workshops, brought him first place at IT Novum 2017, and thus a scholarship at M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design.

As a student of the Academic Year, starting with no previous experience or knowledge, he acquired the necessary 3D modeling and animation skills. Through the practical assignments, he learned how to work in a truly professional way on real projects.

one of Ivan's latest challenge models


His most recent challenge was modeling and texturing 23 Star Wars Empire caliber alien spaceships. The project duration was two months, and Ivan managed to deliver it on time, professionally designed, and top quality.

Ivan is increasingly finding himself in the industry, building on his experience and portfolio, and making his dream come true. We are happy and confident that he will continue to work on other major professional projects.


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