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Kristi Grujevski - we all function as one family in M3DS

Kristi Grujevski, currently a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a graduate student at M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design, as well as an avid car enthusiast who works as a 3D modeler for private companies in the United States


After thinking for a while about enrolling in a 3D course, researching the options offered, and several conversations, Kristi decided to join in the M3DS Academic Year. At the same time, his close friend, who was already attending the course, was delighted with the atmosphere, saying, "It's great, it's much better than I expected and most importantly we all work as one family."

His passion and love for cars fueled his interest in the 3D sphere. With the help of 3D modeling, Kristi was sure that he could fulfill his wishes and imaginations and experiment with the design of vehicles.

"I've always been interested in cars, they always had a special place for me, and I often found something I didn't like in their design and yelled 'hey this would be better' so I wanted to change it, but I haven't had the opportunity and the way to do it. So I was determined that I had to go to 3D to realize my dreams. "

As a high school student at the Nikola Karev High School in Skopje, maintaining an excellent average and attending an M3DS course was a challenge for him. However, maximum dedication, passion, and hard work have helped him to achieve the necessary balance, to deal effectively with all duties, and to be present at all times in the academy, building the path to his success.

"My favorite part of my studies was the 72-hour internal Game Jam, where we worked 72 hours with only a few hours of sleep, and in such a short time thanks to the teamwork we were able to make very high-quality models."


"I am delighted to learn from M3DS and that there is indeed a great family working together and helping each other. I'm also pleased about being able to come in at any time and get a computer and a tablet that I can practice. "

model made by Kristi Grujevski


During his studies in Ljubljana, he plans to stay focused on Freelance projects, as they allow him flexible working hours as well as good earnings. He is currently working on a freelance project, specifically making 15 cars, which is a pleasure for him because it has been his long-time wish.

For the future, Kristi says he did not think specifically, looking further into his dedication and hard work in the 3D world, but at least he will make the most of the freelancer.

For anyone already studying or planning to study at M3DS, Christie recommends attending all lectures and practicing as much as possible, learn more and you'll become better.

In the end, all the hard work paid off.

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