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Maya Tutorial for Beginners 2023

We would like to show you a video introduction to the Maya course at the M3DS Academy. The instructor provides an overview of the Maya interface, including navigation tools and basic object manipulation. They demonstrate how to create primitives, navigate through different views, and use the move, rotate, and scale tools. The instructor also explains the concept of vertices, edges, and faces, and how they can be manipulated to deform objects. Additionally, they highlight useful shortcuts like snapping to the grid and extruding faces. Watch the YouTube Video here CLICK ME

The tools 👇🏻

- Selection Tool:

  • This tool allows you to select any object that is in the scene. If the object has green edges that means that the object has been selected.

- Move Tool:

  • The Move Tool allows you to move the object inside of the 3D space. You can move it in any of the 3 Axis / Directions inside of the 3D space: X, Y, Z. You can also move it ‘free hand’ by moving the object using the center pivot.

- Rotate Tool:

  • The Rotate Tool allows you to rotate the object in any of the 3 directions as well as rotate it ‘free hand’ by rotating the object using the empty space inside of the circle.

- Scale Tool / Deform Tool:

  • The Scale Tool can also be known as The Deformer Tool. This Tool allows you to scale the object in all 3 directions by using the center square or scale / deform it by only using one of the given sides.


  • You can switch between modes by holding the Right Mode Button on top of the object and sliding the mouse cursor to the mode you want to switch to.

Edge Mode:

  • In Edge Mode, you can select and manipulate the edges of the object.

Face Mode:

  • In Face Mode, you can select and manipulate the faces of the object.

Vertex Mode:

  • In Vertex Mode you can select and manipulate the vertices of the object.

Object Mode:

  • Object Mode is the standard mode in Maya.

View Panel:

  • The View Panel is the 3D space where you work inside Maya.

  • By clicking the SPACE bar you can switch between View Panels: Front, Top, and Side.

  • To go back or switch viewports, hover with your mouse cursor over the viewport you want to switch to and press the SPACE Bar once.

Top Shelf Menus:

  • Here you can choose different tools to work inside of Maya ranging from adding in objects to using tools for animation and various plugins.


  • The outliner keeps track of any objects you put inside your workspace.

Channel Box/Attribute Editor:

  • The Channel Box lets you quickly change the shape and placement of the object by changing the different values.

  • The Attribute Editor lets you lock or unlock attributes, and create expressions on attributes.

Time Slider:

  • The Time Slider is used to add keyframes to animate your object/character.

Watch the YouTube Video here CLICK ME

🔴If you want to learn more about Maya, check out our Self Pace Programs.🔴

Become part of the new Game Design How To? 2023

Advanced knowledge is NOT REQUIRED and the event is FREE. 💻 WHERE? - online and live at the M3DS Academy of Visual Arts. WHEN? - you choose a day, from June 15 to July 6, 2023 The final award ceremony will be held on July 7, 2023.

💡WHY? - Each participant receives a free course in the Unreal Engine Program - Each participant receives an international certificate of participation. - Each participant receives a discount for enrollment in the M3DS Academy.

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