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Lost Little Astronauts : Biome Gemland

The second part of the NFT collection "Lost Little Astronauts" has a dark, mystical, cosmic atmosphere.

Lost Little Astronauts: Biome Gemland is the second 3D creation environment, inspired by Amethyst Crystals.

The ambiance that we wanted to achieve is light and full of colors. The night sky also played a big role, which gave great lighting to refresh the whole stage.

This time the astronaut model walked through the 3D modeled objects, which mainly consisted of amethyst stones. Instead of vegetation, with the foliage tool in Unreal Engine, small stones were now placed everywhere on the stage.

A big factor for the final renders was the color grading, temperature and all other atmospheric properties. In addition, the bloom was especially important for the scene, which played a big role in getting that glowing look.


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