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Lost Little Astronauts : Biome Mars

Introducing the first part of the NFT collection "The Lost Little Astronauts".

Lost Little Astronauts: Biome Mars is the first 3D created environment, with which the whole project actually started. A 2D reference was first created for this environment, which was then turned into a 3D masterpiece.

Most of the inspiration came from the NASA rover named Perseverance, which is currently exploring Mars.

The ambiance that was to be achieved is a mystical atmosphere with a feeling of warmth and drought.

All the objects in the scene are manually 3D modeled and textured, but Quixel Bridge was of great help from where the necessary vegetation was taken. One of the best decisions of Unreal Engine is the integration of Quixel Bridge itself directly in all projects.

This makes many 3D artists technically easier to work with, and with that, they can focus more on the creative part.

A big factor for the final renders was the color grading, temperature, and all other atmospheric properties.

Do not forget, every week we will discover part of this project, as well as details of the development process.

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