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M3CONFERENCE will be held online! The first speaker is from SUBSTANCE.

The long-awaited M3Conference - a computer graphics and animation conference, unfortunately this year could not be held on scheduled dates and was postponed due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn't stop us from continuing our work and making it FREE and available ONLINE for ALL! The first speaker will be Laurens Corijn, technical artist, 3D & Immersive at Adobe, who will talk about the full texturing pipeline at SUBSTANCE.

He will live stream the M3DS Academy stream,

Tomorrow (March 23, 2020) at 6 pm. Follow his speech at

The year has been a difficult for all of us, but it's never too late to work on it and

upgrading ourselves!

#StayHome and follow the educational #M3Conference with the world's top experts online!

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