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M3DS Academy donated a 3D printer to High school "Orce Nikolov" and organized a 3D workshop

M3DS Academy as a socially responsible company actively strives to encourage the development of the 3D industry in our country, but we also aim to make this revolutionary 3D technology much more accessible to young people.

For these reasons, M3DS Academy donated a 3D printer to the Skopje high school "Orce Nikolov", as a motive for further work and advancement of informatics and 3D technology among the younger generations.

In order to guide the students, but also the teachers for proper handling of the 3D printer, on November 24, 2021, we organized a multi-hour workshop. At this workshop, our mentors Florina Dzingova, Nikola Kocevski, and Mario Stojanov, trained thirty interested students on how to prepare their 3D models and how to print them correctly on the 3D printer.

The most used 3D modeling programs in this industry were studied, and we also talked about the different types of 3D printers, 3D printing materials, and the possibility of recycling to be environmentally conscious.

We also discussed their interesting ideas, as well as the widespread application of 3D printing technology, in architecture, mechanical engineering, medicine, dentistry, and more,

We hope that in the future these students will focus on educational improvement in this area.

In addition, see our gallery of the atmosphere of the workshop.

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