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M3DS organizes M3Conference - the first computer graphics and animation conference in Macedonia

The biggest influencers in the world of computer graphics, including 3D field, animation, film production, game production, virtual reality, coming from top companies and studios, will share their experiences on topics that apply to international experts. Participants will also be advised on computer animation, modeling, gaming, and the film industry, as well as other related areas.

Pixar, Lucas Films, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, ImageWorks, and many more!

The M3Conference will run for three full days, March 22, 23, and 24, 2019, located in the Youth Cultural Center (YCC) in Skopje.

Some of the speakers who will be part of this conference include:

Many more speakers will be revealed later, and the conference program schedule and speaker sessions will be further announced.

Whether you're local, new to the city, or just passing by, take your precious time and share it with us, finding something that will appeal to you, March 22-24, 2019, at M3Conference.

Conference tickets can be purchased at:

Facebook Event:

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