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M3DS with 3D workshop at this year's edition of Skopje Kreativa

As part of the module Redefine Your Reality, at this year's edition of Skopje Kreativa, M3DS participates with an appropriate workshop in the foreseen topic - merging creativity with technology, internet technology, and activism.


On June 2, 2019, a 3D Modeling and 3D Printing Workshop took place at the Cinema Culture Hall, which aimed to raise the level of education of young people and enrich their knowledge in the field of IT. At the same time, young people's curiosity about 3D modeling, animation, and their contribution to film making and video games, which are growing IT careers, has been sparked.

Workshop participants learned how to come up with a realistic 3D model (product), which is the process needed to finalize it, as well as making a modern 3D printer with suitable materials.

It was presented how these types of 3D models are being used in real-life projects, games, and movies, and how 3D technology is increasingly being incorporated into other industries.

You can see photos of the event below:

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