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Make an easy Among Us in ZBrush

This is a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a ZBrush workspace and creating a simple character from the game Among Us.

The tutorial covers adjusting resolution and background settings, creating basic shapes using primitive objects, manipulating and sculpting the shapes to form the character's body, adding visors and a backpack, splitting the body in half, and creating a cartoon bone coming out of the character. The tutorial provides instructions on using various tools and features in ZBrush to achieve the desired results.

Watch the YouTube Video here CLICK ME

- Workflow

  • Before starting the workflow the instructor sets his workspace through the Document Menu.

  • The instructor adds a sphere through the SimpleBrush to start making the body. To put the Sphere inside of the workspace they click and drag on the screen. Afterward, they change the Material to BasicMaterial.

  • They mask half of the sphere by holding Ctrl and dragging it to the side. To invert the masking the instructor holds the Ctrl key and clicks on the side in the empty workspace.

  • Because the top part of the sphere is masked the instructor uses the Gizmo Tool (clicking W to activate the tool) to move the unmasked part downward and stretch the body to get the shape that they want.

  • To fix up the topology they use DynaMesh which is located inside the Geometry options.

  • To make the visor he Appends a sphere into the scene and shapes it using the Move Brush and Gizmo tool.

  • To make sure the visor is symmetrical on both sides they activate symmetry by clicking X on their keyboard.

  • They go on ahead and duplicate the same shape to make the rest of the visor.

  • The Duplicate tool is inside the Subtool.

  • The backpack is made with a square that has been DynaMeshed and shaped with the Move Brush, Clay Build Up Brush, and Dam Standard Brush.

  • The legs are made the same kind of way as the body.

  • The instructor masks where the legs are going to be by holding down Ctrl and using the Masking Pen.

  • Then they reverse the masking by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the side.

  • With the Gismo tool, they pull down the shape of the legs.

  • By dragging down the green deformer the tips of the legs are going to get flatter.

  • Now that the body is done it’s time to split it in half and make a bone inside of the character.

  • To do that the instructor masks half of the character and uses the Split Masked Point to split the body into two parts.

  • To make the hole inside of the head and lower body they mask the area with a Masking Pen and reverse the masking.

  • To make the mask harder on the edges they hold down the Ctrl key and left-click on the mask to make it have harder edges.

  • By doing this when they use the gizmo tool to make the hole, it will have crips and straight edges.

  • When everything is done the instructor uses the Smooth Brush to smooth out the edges.

  • The Smooth Brush is activated by holding down the Shift key.

  • To move the gizmo tool you need to hold down the Alt key and move it to where you want it to be.

  • In this case, the instructor moves it on top of where the unmasked point is.

  • Once moved you can drag down to make the hole.

  • The instructor repeats this same process on the head.

  • To make the bone the instructor hides the layer where the head is and appends a cylinder.

  • They scale it down using the gizmo tool and add two spheres to create the top of the bone.

  • Once everything is set in place they merge all 3 layers together into one by using the Merge tool inside of Zbrush, located inside of the Subtool.

  • Once everything has been merged the instructor activated DynaMesh to smooth out the topology as well as using the Smooth Brush.

  • The instructor adds in some final details by using the Standard Brush to add some brush strokes around the bone.

  • Once they are done they unhide the head later.

Watch the YouTube Video here CLICK ME

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