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Make it real with Unreal Engine - Simon Zafirovski

Hi, I am an Unreal Engine Authorized Instructor currently teaching at the M3DS Academy in Skopje Macedonia. Besides teaching, we also work on our in-house game projects, where I am the lead Game Developer / Engineer.

1 Year Unreal Engine Environment Artist and Lighting Designer

  • Isometric Environment Concept Designs

Isometric Environment Concept Designs

All work done inside Unreal Engine

Quixel Megascans + Asset Libraries

  • Lost Little Astronauts

Lost Little Astronauts is an experiment where i tried using the same Layout, but changing the scenery and theme of the image. This is also the first project where i delved into to the nft world.

  • Mess

Mess - Digi Double

This digital double was created using 3D Scanned Data mixed with hand sculpted blendshapes and details. Skin Base Color and Displacement map from 3D Scan Store as well as their Multi Expressions base head mesh. Wrap3d was used for wrapping the topology of the head to fit the maps. Hair is done in Xgen, Maya as well as rig for the neck, jaws and eyes. Special thanks to J Hill for his help with the Arnold skin shader and Xgen Hairstyles.

Final Composition, 4096x4096

Started as a 3D Scanned Head. The first layout was rough so i decided to cut the shirt out of the model for the time being. We later used the scan to project some displacement details to the final sculpt

Cleanup in Zbrush. Retopologized and sculpted all the details that got lost during the zremesh process. Once I had clean topology I wrapped my model onto the multi expression scan from 3d Scan store

Using Wrap3d I could perfectly wrap my model onto the 3D Scan Store Multi Expression base.

After I realized, how great the expressions looked, I went ahead a using a Base Color + Displacement package

I Also decided to sculpt in 52 blendshapes so that the head could be used with facial capture. I sculpted these blendshapes as layers in zbrush and exported them to maya afterwards.



Once in Maya, I made a rig for the head and neck to move, which in combination with the blendshapes, allowed me to do full facial capture on my character using MocapX. The hair on the character is also done in Maya via Xgen.

I modeled in some jaws and reused an eye from a previous project and played with the shader a little bit. I also added a rig and controls to both the eyes and jaws.

Using Arnold was a great choice for this project as I explored making a realistic skin shader. The quality was well worth the wait time as it took around 25 minutes to render per frame on a RTX 3090.

I learned a lot during this process. I would like to give a special thanks to J Hill and 3D scan store for the amazing recourses as well as knowledge they provide.

  • Skull Island

The environment I created along with my colleagues for the M3DS Academy Year. Everything (apart from the vegetation), was made from scratch using the standard 3D Artist package (Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter).

  • Jacuzzi Models

3k-6.5k Tris

3 Texture sets - 4096x4096

Modeled with Zbrush 2022, Maya 2023 and rendered with Keyshot 11

Product Design: Keyshot, Maya, Zbrush

Portfolio Consisting of Product Designs, mainly using Zbrush, Maya, and Keyshot. This combination of software is extremely powerful as it offers a wide range of modeling, sculpting, and rendering products. All of the products were modeled and retopologized at some point in Maya and afterward added details in Zbrush. However I would like to add a big emphasis on Keyshot, as it can handle multi-million models with ease, texture them without any uvs, and the ability to add labels so fast makes it so fun to work with. Its rendering engine is extremely fast and accurate, giving you awesome renders within minutes.

Mini Car - Elvy

13k Tris

2 Texture Sets - 4096x4096

4 Labels

Modeled with Maya 2023 and Rendered with Keyshot 11

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Subscribe to our newsletter below and win a free course for Unreal Engine 5 ( create your first game)

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