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Making the environment breathtaking - Aritra Chaklader

3D Generalist | Art Director | Gamer

  • Good Morning Binu

Worked on it at the last moment mostly, in a total of two days (Better Late Than Never I guess). Used the character Binu, a personal model from an old GameJam project. Always wanted to see how Binu looked in a realistic environment (Quixel's Megascan Library) with good lighting. Lumen and Nanite was amazingly fun to work with.

Made in UE5.02

  • Arnob WIP (Submission for UESP)

My submission (WIP) after completing the 1-month course "Unreal Specialized Program" from M3DS Academy.

Still, a WIP, having plans on upgrading the scene Iteratively.

Used UE5 with lighting on Lumen.


Mission to Minerva

A short by Aritra Chaklader

Made and Submitted for the KitBashChallenge

Rendered in Unreal Engine 5 using Nanite and Lumen

Edited in Premiere Pro

Audio mixed in FL Studio by Ayon Chaklader

Voice Narrated by Aritra Chaklader

  • Endless Engine Submission

In this video, I break down my submission for @pwnisher 's Endless Engine Challenge, using assets I created back in 2017.

I utilized Unreal Engine and Lumen to create new visuals, repurposing old models and animations to meet the challenge's deadline with little time I could spend on after starting late in spare time.

Started by creating high poly sculpts in Zbrush, from concept sketches I made.

After finalizing, I retopologized the sculpt to create a less expensive mesh that was optimized for use in Mobile back in 2017.

From there, I moved on to rigging and animation in 3dsmax.

The original assets may not have seen the light of day, but this challenge provided an opportunity to showcase their potential and breathe new life with the latest technology in 2023.

Hope you enjoy the process, for creating the Endless Engine challenge in Unreal Engine.

  • Cityscape Artwork Submission for Lighting and Composition Challenge

Using Unreal Engine, I created a vibrant cityscape artwork that showcases a concept game's focus on lighting and composition.

The final image is just a viewport screenshot in high resolution, Lumen Lighting was used.

Time took:

2-3 days after hours in spare time.

Asset used :

SimPoly Town by PolyArt3D

Assetsville Town by Assetsville

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