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Master Car Modeling in Autodesk Maya: Unleash Your 3D Creativity!


In this tutorial in Autodesk Maya, the instructor introduces the topic of creating a car model. You will import reference images and adjust them to align with the front, side, and top views of the car. You’ll learn how to use the multi-cut tool to add vertices and cut faces while maintaining proper topology and alignment while adding loops. In the class, you’ll also use the tools used in previous trailers like extruding and snapping objects.

Watch the YouTube Video here CLICK ME

The tools👇🏻


Download ZIP • 339KB

- Creating a New Project

  • Before you start working on your Maya project you first need to set it up by opening up the Project Window.

  • From there another window will appear in the middle of your screen where you can name your new project and direct where you want the new project to be saved.

- Setting up References

Once you create a new project you need to go inside the project files and look for the “sourceimages” file. Inside this folder, you will add your references.

- Free Image Planes:

  • Once we’ve added our images we can go back inside Maya and set them up using Free Image Plane.

  • Once you’ve created a Free Image Plane a blank square will appear in the center of your grid.

  • To add our image, we need to click on the folder icon inside of the Image Name inside of the Attribute Editor and add our reference from the “sourceimages” folder.

  • The reference will appear on the transparent square and we can lay them out in our scene by using the move, rotate, and scale tools.

  • Laying out the reference images is important to make sure we are modeling every side of the rocket correctly.

- MultiCut Tool

  • Using the MultiCut Tool we’ll make cuts on the cube that will allow us to manipulate the shape and slowly turn the cube into the shape of the Datsun Car on our Reference.

- Mirror

  • The Mirror command can be accessed by holding Left Shift + Right Mouse Button while having an object selected.

  • You can open up the Mirror Options tab by clicking on the window Icon next to the command.

  • Once you click it the Mirror Options tab will open up on your screen.

  • The tab has many options but you will only be learning 3 more in-depth in the class.

- Snapping with V

  • By holding the V key on your keyboard and moving a vertice they can snap to the same position as a nearby vertical if you hover your cursor over the neighboring one.

- Ctrl+1

  • This command isolates the object you have selected and hides the rest.

Watch the YouTube Video here CLICK ME

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Advanced knowledge is NOT REQUIRED and the event is FREE. 💻 WHERE? - online and live at the M3DS Academy of Visual Arts. WHEN? - you choose a day, from June 15 to July 6, 2023 The final award ceremony will be held on July 7, 2023.

💡WHY? - Each participant receives a free course in the Unreal Engine Program - Each participant receives an international certificate of participation. - Each participant receives a discount for enrollment in the M3DS Academy.

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