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Nordeus welcomed the M3DS team

Nordeus is an independent mobile game development company based in New Belgrade, Serbia.

The M3DS team visited this company, where we were presented with their new premises with multiple work departments. We discussed the flow of work on larger projects, and we also found common interests that we would continue to collaborate on.

Nikola Damjanov lead the tour of the studio, which was also one of the most notable speakers at our conference, M3CON .

The studio's debut game is Top Eleven Football Manager, a game management simulation game. That game is played by more than 4.5 million people on Facebook each month.

Through it all, in a short time, Nordeus found itself in the top three social gaming companies in Europe, as well as among the world's top. The company is self-funded and is one of the fastest-growing computer game companies in Europe. It is a private company with no external financing.

We look forward to even greater collaboration and hope that the collaboration with Nordeus will fit into the future plans of both companies.

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