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Scholarships for M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design

M3DS this year is expanding the study program that is available to all Grades, High School Students, Students, Employed / Unemployed.

  1. Students - the program for this category of students is specific and rich in practical teaching, with the student committing himself to do all the homework in the presence of instructors.

  2. Employees / Students / High School Students - Program for the category of obligated persons - M3DS has developed a program for this category, which is flexible, the terms of attendance are determined by group so that students will not lose out and be impeded to visit her. If the student is absent for justified reasons, the M3DS team defines a term (private lesson) to compensate the student. With this act, the academy retains the quality and care of the students as the students are our portfolio.

  3. Basics - the program for young enthusiasts - to learn how games and films are made by teaching them on weekends so as not to disrupt regular classes. During winter and summer holidays, weekends are moved to weekdays from Monday to Friday. First and foremost, in this category of students, we care most that the classes are not school-based, but fun and friendly, with little ones feeling no pressure during their studies.

M3DS has two types of programs: 3-month and 12-month studies.

  1. 3 Monthly - Studies cover learning the basics of 3D like Modeling, Animation, Texturing, and Image Finalization.

  2. 12 Monthly studies- are about studying the whole process of making a game or movie. In the first 5-6 months, the program is general for all students who are learning the basics of all branches, so it leads the student to know in which field they would like to pursue and to specialize their knowledge. In the second half of the course, the student chooses from 1 to 3 classes that would like to dedicate and upgrade their experience, thereby ensuring that every student completes the assignment if he/she completes all the tasks given by the instructors.

  3. Students in the M3DS to complete the academic year pass a completed project and portfolio upon completion. They receive an Autodesk International Certificate of Included Identification Number and are credited globally.

  4. Scholarships - M3DS Scholarships for all Game Design enthusiasts and fans.

For more detailed information about the program and what software is part of the program, follow the link: Promotion-2018

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