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Stefan Mitrov, founder of M3DS, has been officially awarded Autodesk Certified Instructor - silver


Stefan Mitrov, founder of M3DS Academy, has been officially honored with the Autodesk Certified Instructor – Silver certificate issued by the Autodesk Certified Instrument Program.


With this recognition and authorization as a Silver Certificate Instructor, it indicates that you possess the design, skills, and knowledge required for specific Autodesk applications as are necessary for continuous correct course delivery in the form of a 3-year course.

Such authority as Autodesk Certified Instructor - Silver, is proof of maintaining many hours of proper student training, taking care of them through professional/educational conferences, professional development, teaching delivery, curriculum development, curriculum development, project management.

Autodesk recognizes the professional expertise of active, approved instructors and is certified under the accreditation program, awarding them with the ACI Standard Badge.

This recognition is also recognized by Credly, the world's leading digital qualification service provider, working with credible organizations to identify, manage, and share professional achievements.

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