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Step by step: The process of 3D making the character of Morbius

Morbius is the new main character from the Marvel movie with the same name. After its premiere on March 31, 2022, we decided to reveal to you the modeling process of this extremely unique character.


The film itself was inspired by the original Marvel comics, so these illustrations were used as references for the production.

The creator of the sculpture was Nikola Kocevski, and the time of making it was only 2 days. 3D modeling took place in ZBrush software, designed to create organic characters and shapes.


It starts with the Base-Head model from Zbrush as an already general head shape, which will facilitate the process. We reduce the resolution and work continuously with the DynaMesh tool, so as not to overload the model geometrically.

First, the basic shapes for the eyes, cheeks, and nose are created, which in this case are very characteristic of the model.

The mouth is marked with thin lines, using the brushes in ZBrush. We still work with a relatively small geometry and a small number of points.

Morbius's cheekbones are a very unique part of his face, and their prominence gives a specific vampire look.

The shape of the face is quite elongated, which gives a serious, a bit older, and powerful character.


Once we get the main shapes, we start adding initial details such as bigger wrinkles on the skin, definition on the forehead, defined holes on the nose, and of course details on the ears.

We smooth the model and then open the jaw to create a dynamic pose with the mouth open.

Morbius has very specific teeth, which are a mixture of vampire's teeth and dog teeth. From a long sphere, first, a tooth is modeled, and later duplicates are made from it, which change according to the jaw so that there is anatomical diversity in each tooth.

Additional details are added, more wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead, and an initial sculpture is made on the body, more precisely the neck and chest.

The hair is modeled from special curved brushes and optimized for 3D printing.


The final body is modeled and adjusted accordingly so that it can be printed in 3D without any problems.

The cloak is modeled independently, using a combination of Autodesk Maya software for the initial shape and then Zbrush for details.

The printed figures from Morbius were seen by every visitor at the premiere at the Cineplex cinema, and you can find them and much more at the online store m3ds-store.

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