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Student of the month: Eva Krstevska

We present you the best student for the month of April 2022: Eva Krstevska. Eva is a graduate engineer-architect, who works in an architectural studio, and the desire for constant upgrading and creation encouraged her to follow the Academy Year of the M3DS Academy.

She enjoys exploring new areas of creativity with Maya, ZBrush, and Unreal engine programs, reviving their 3D models, whether creatures or objects.

The possibility of replicating existing things from reality, as well as modifying and improving them, or creating completely new worlds suitable for video games and movies is a special challenge for her.

This model is her first standalone model in the ZBrush program.

"I was motivated by the desire to go beyond my daily tasks and create a creature that I could then 'bring to life.' Through the development of this project, I used the opportunities offered by the programs we study at the Academy Year. "- says Eva.

Take a look at the fascinating work of Eva, with whom she deservedly received this recognition.


Learn how these models are created and start your career as a professional 3D artist.

Become part of the Academy Year.

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