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Student of the Week: Kiril Gelov

Introducing Kiril Gelov, Student of the Academic Year at M3DS Academy.

Kiril is 20 years old and is from Gevgelija, and follows the Academy Year online.

Even before enrolling in the Academy, he had a desire and amateur to create complete 3D environments and was very interested in learning the Unreal Engine.

"I didn't have any obstacles in the online lectures. The organization was great, the instructors always helped us, and it was even easier for me because I worked from home on my computer. "- Kiril says.

He received the Student of the Week award for his production of Alien in the ZBrush program. He says that he chose this creature because he is a big fan of horror and sci-fi movies, and his main inspiration was the movie Alien 1979.

Kiril says that he found himself in all programs throughout the Academy year, and the learning process was not difficult at all, but on the contrary - very interesting.

In the future, he wants to work in a well-known studio in the 3D industry.

We wish his dream to come true as soon as possible, and below, take a look at his great creative work.


Learn how these models are created and start your career as a professional 3D artist.

Become part of the Academy Year.

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