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Students from high school “Vlado Tasevski” awarded with 3D printer

On the occasion of the 3D Modeling, Animation, and 3D Printing workshops held during the weekends of the past school year, as well as the inter-school competition held, the students from the high school “Vlado Tasevski” from Skopje got a 3D printer.


The previously held 3D educational workshops were mainly for high school students from our country. The main goal was raising the level of their education and knowledge in the field of IT technologies, more precisely the development of animation, 3D design as well as the necessary video game creation tools. The Citizens Association AINOVUM Skopje, as the main organizer and implementer of these workshops, in cooperation with the City of Skopje, as well as the fastest-growing Macedonian Academy - M3DS that specializes in 3D and is internationally licensed, educated students in the Maya program, designed for 3D modeling. Building on that, later-formed high school teams competed in the inter-school game-making competition and short videos, which gave them a challenge that they had to solve by applying previously acquired knowledge.

Of the teams, the participants from SSU “Vlado Tasevski” showed the most, which was agreed by the expert team from M3DS, so they were declared the winners of this competition and won a 3D printer intended for their school.

Besides, after the event, all participants received an internationally recognized Autodesk Certificate of Basic Skills and left with a new experience and new skills. Being an organizer of this type of events showed that the gaming and 3D industry is booming. The M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design is honored to be a part of this project.

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