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The founder of M3DS Academy part of the event "Conversation with freelancers"

On November 26, 2021, in the Public Room in Skopje was held the event "Conversation with freelancers" organized by the Impact Foundation.

The founder of M3DS Academy, Stefan Mitrov, was part of the event as a prominent speaker.

Part of Mitrov's knowledge and experience comes from practical work, work on various projects in several studios in and outside the country. However, his work as a freelancer has a special stamp on his career. Stefan has completed over 120 projects in his portfolio. With this achievement, he entered the circle of the 100 best artists of the Upwork network, with which his image and achievements were highlighted at Times Square in New York in 2018.

He shares this experience with the students што го пренесува и преку through the freelance courses in M3DS Academy, and shared it also with the attendees at the event.

Besides him, speakers at the event were Dancho Dimkov, director of BizzBee Solutions, Mitko Kockovski, CEO of Webpigment, Monika Zoksimovska, architect, and active freelancer.

The event developed a successful discussion not only about the pros and cons of freelancing but also about the shortcomings that can be addressed in the future.

In addition, we capture part of the atmosphere through photos.

(Photos taken from the Impact Foundation Facebook page)

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