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The latest inventions from the virtual reality and video games of the PlayUK digital exhibition

In the past few days, starting from November 2nd, in Skopje was held the digital interactive exhibition,, PlayUK Arcadia 2018″.


Organized by the British Council, visitors to the Youth Cultural Center (YCC) had the opportunity to see and try out the latest video games, including some prominent names from the Macedonian market, as well as significant attainments in the field of virtual reality and AR installations.

Among other things, several workshops were held on a variety of topics in the field, and also for the first time outside the United Kingdom the interactive installation "The Living Room of the Future", produced by the BBC, FACT, several British universities, and by Ilija Tirickovski.

M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design was actively involved in the organization of the event. It supported the British Council's idea of ​​presenting and promoting the creative industries in Macedonia, establishing correlative links, and collaborating between experts from both countries.

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