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The Lost Little Astronauts : NFT Collection

Blockchain technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the world and often the first association with these technologies is cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain technology offers much more interesting and creative possibilities than this, through NFT, which represents a unique and different use of this technology.


NFT (Non-fungible token) is a token that transforms from digital works of art into digital collectibles that can be traded.

Essentially, NFTs are like physical collectibles, only digital.


The Lost Little Astronauts is an experiment created by our Unreal Engine instructor, Simon Zafirovski. The project was created with the aim of improving the composition, and lighting and gaining a sense of greatness in the world.

Using the same layout of the 3D models in the scene, and changing the scenery and theme, resulted in fantastic creations.

By playing with colors, textures, and animations, each different scene has its own specific and unique atmosphere.

The creator or buyer of NFT has exclusive ownership rights. NFTs can have only one owner at a time, and their use of blockchain technology makes it easy to verify ownership and transfer tokens between owners.

Although they have existed since 2014, their popularity and dizzying earnings of millions of dollars, make them very relevant today.

Starting today, every week we will discover part of this project, as well as details of the development process.

Follow us and join us for daily inspiration.


Want to learn how to make such 3D creations and even unique NFTs?

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