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The M3DS Academy welcomed another internationally licensed and certified instructor

Andrej Smilchevski, a graduate student at M3DS Academy, is now a licensed Autodesk Proffesional Instructor


After successfully passing the globally recognized exam, Smilchevski received this recognition and is an active instructor of many groups at M3DS Academy.

Preparation for the international exam was intense, but it was not an obstacle for Andrej to become passionate about the 3D world.

His love for and interest in the 3D industry started at a very young age, and it was through the M3DS Academy that it deepened. His greatest pleasure is when he can pass on his knowledge to the students, and especially when the student becomes a full 3D artist.

Andrej is proud of his students and their every success, knowing that he was an essential part of it.

Congratulations once again!


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