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The team of M3DS Academy made the first Macedonian astronaut

In the past few weeks, there was information that there is a Macedonian astronaut named Marjan Spirovski. The astronaut. as part of an extremely secret mission, in cooperation with prominent space agencies, was part of the crew of the Russian rocket ANGARA 5.

We watched videos of the rocket, on the platform of which the Macedonian flag was displayed, but also a video from the launch of the rocket and its interior in which we could see the Macedonian astronaut, who sent us a greeting from space.

Additionally, vehicles with the marks of ESA (European Space Agency) and ROSKOSMOS appeared on the streets of Skopje, which brought a special share in the whole story.

It is time to finally unravel this mystery.

Unfortunately, this news is incorrect. The Macedonian astronaut is a fictional character, created by the team of the M3DS Academy of Visual Arts.

With the 3D visualization programs, the rocket, the platform, the surroundings, the interior of the ANGARA 5 rocket, the crew, the space rover, the moon, and everything else are completely made ...

Watch the official video:

Be part of such a creative team, gain the necessary knowledge and create your reality.

Learn from a top professional and internationally certified instructors.

ENROLLMENTS AT M3DS Academy ARE IN PROGRESS, and you can choose one of the following courses:

M3DS Academy is an officially authorized Autodesk training center, and the certificates issued by the academy are internationally recognized and issued by Autodesk USA.

M3DS is a partner with Epic Games and collaborates with many other world studios, such as Disney, Substance, Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Picture ImageWorks, Industrial Light & Magic, Hugo’s Desk, Nordeus, 3lateral, Lynx Animations, Cylindo and many more.

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