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Three years of collaboration with the Cineplexx cinema

M3DS Academy of Visual Arts celebrates three years of cooperation with the Cineplexx cinema.

Together we contribute to every premiere of world-famous movies and blockbusters to be your unique experience. For the happiest visitors, we always prepare 3D printed gifts, with the theme of the current movie.

Therefore, we would like to see some of the fun atmospheres of our cooperation in the past three years.


The first premiere we were part of was for the movie Captain Marvel, from Marvel Studios. One of the most powerful heroes in the universe is involved in a galactic war between two species of aliens. At this premiere, we demonstrated how 3D keychains are printed, and the happiest ones got a pendant with Captain Marvel through a quiz, but also a pendant that could change its color, with the main villains - Skrulls.


Avengers: Endgame is the spectacular culmination of 22 interconnected films, from Marvel Studios. For the visitors of this epic film journey, we prepared the shield of the hero Captain America, which was 3D printed in 64 parts, for which we needed 138 hours of printing. Of course, a life-size Iron Man Helmet was included, which took 77 hours and 14 specially printed 3D pieces. At the same time, at the premiere in cooperation with the happiest visitors managed to win a 3D printed pendant with the logo of their favorite Avenger hero.

JOKER 2019

The long-awaited psychological drama from the DC universe brought a great atmosphere to the Cineplexx lobby. We shared figures with the Joker's character, and the happiest visitors found winning M3DS vouchers under their seats in theaters. And of course, everyone could make a small 3D figure using a 3D pen.

VENOM 2 (Let There Be Carnage) 2021

After a break due to the COVID 19 virus pandemic, we could finally be part of the premiere of the movie VENOM 2 in 2021. For this movie experience, we have prepared the largest 3D printed model ever, this time with the main character Venom. The model was prepared by our students, weighed more than 22 kg, over 100cm in size and height, it was exhibited in the lobby of the Cineplex cinema. The visitors took photos, and we were glad that we contributed to the atmosphere in a unique way.


For the latest Spider-Man adventure, we have prepared a number of 3D-printed badges and sculptures for all visitors to the premiere. The happiest of them, by random selection, received a 3D printed sculpture with Spider-Man, revealing the lucky envelope under their cinema seat. The smiling faces of the visitors were to our great satisfaction.


The spectacular new Batman, the Gotham crime fighter, has aroused the admiration of every fan of this DC Comics Studios universe.

For Batman fans, we had a lot of 3D printed surprises and even 3D printed cookie cutters with the Batman logo. We demonstrated how 3D prints are made of sculptures, pendants with characters from famous movies, but also how it is done with flexible material.


Finally, we were part of the premiere of Marvel's long-running film over the past few years, Morbius. The sculpture of the main character was created by our ZBrush instructor Nikola Kocevski, in just 2 days. The production process was particularly interesting, as, for the Morbius 3D sculpture, the reference images were only 2D illustrations from the original comics books.


We hope that in the future we will continue to provide you with a fun and creative atmosphere.

Until the next premiere!

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