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We envisioned the Cyberpunk future of the CG Workshop

The central theme of this workshop and conference was Imagining a Cyberpunk future, that is, 3D creation of futuristic models that would combine everyday life with high tech and scientific achievements.

One of the most successful concept artists in our country - Nikola Angelkoski - Nidzo, who as a freelancer, with daily upgrades and self-training, has become successful worldwide, and his quality work is promoted on many CG portals. You can see some of his works on his website He presented the process of making concept art for cinematography, from the initial idea in the initial sketch phase to the final realization using parallel 2D and 3D methods. The presentation was implemented in software programs Photoshop Sketchup and Daz3d, explaining step by step the whole process.

Darko Mitev - Senior Character Modeler employed by Brown Bag Films in Dublin, Ireland, whose work was recently published on 3DTotal, and much more on his impressive work can be seen here. on his website: For his part, he succeeded in introducing attendees to his workflow and design process, sharing interesting tricks and professional in-service tips, as well as part of his recent cyberpunk project. The software used was Maya, ZBrush, UvLayout, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Redshift and Nuke, who talked more about the 3D concept, high resolution modeling for production, sculpt, texturing, bright and rendering settings for Redshift, mat paint in Photoshop and comp in Nuke.

We are especially thankful to FON University for supporting the event and its implementation, and also NGO Inovum, and of course, the sponsor XP-Pen.

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