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Autodesk Maya Walk Cycle Animation

Learn how to create a stylized walk cycle in Autodesk Maya with this step-by-step animation tutorial.

Explore character rigging, fluid animation techniques, and tips for adding character and life to your animations.

- Workflow

  • In the ZooToolsPro sub menu, open the Scene Browser and Import the Moustache Man animation template.

  • For this tutorial, we’ll be working with 24 frames.

  • Select the entire rig and add a keyframe on the first frame.

  • On the same frame, adjust the legs to fit the first step fro the walk cycle.

  • You can use an illustration of how a walk cycle looks like with the main and in-between frames.

  • Copy the first frame and paste it on the 12th frame.

  • Copy and paste the first frame on the last frame.

  • This ensures that the animation will be perfectly loopable.

  • In this frame, pose the legs the opposite way than before.

  • Now that all the keyframes have been added, start adding the in-betweens and perfecting the animation, specifically the feet since they are clipping in the ground.

  • We want to avoid parts of the model cupping or going below the ground since it will be noticeable in a game or animation movie.

  • Curve the toes of the feet using the blend shapes on the side.

  • Do this for both feet.

  • To add more movement and character to the walk cycle, make the head/the body of the character bounce up and down while the hat bounces slightly back and forth.

  • For the moustache, since it has controls all across it, it can unfold and fold in on itself.

  • Animate the moustache folding and unfolding as the character walks.

  • Don’t forget to make slight movements to the eyes and eyebrows.

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