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Substance Designer

Create seamless materials, patterns, textures, alphas, decals and MORE!

Explore your creative side with M3DS Academy's newest course

Experience required



4 months


14 hours / week


Online with 1 on 1 mentorship



Sci-Fi Door Sphere

Substance Designer is a powerful 3D material authoring and texture editing software developed by Allegorithmic, which is now a part of Adobe. It is widely used in the video game and entertainment industries for creating realistic and high-quality materials for 3D models.


The primary purpose of Substance Designer is to allow artists to create complex, procedural materials using a node-based graph system. Instead of relying solely on traditional texture painting.


Substance Designer enables users to generate textures algorithmically by creating a network of nodes that define various aspects of a material, such as color, roughness, metallic properties, and more.

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Substance Designer

Skills that you are going to achieve
adv.Creating Materials, Rendering and Alphas

  • Introduction to the software

  • Graphs

  • Tips Tricks Techniques 

  • Decals and Alphas 

  • Rendering in Marmoset

  • Stylized Wooden planks

  • Realistic Wooden Parquet

  • Custom Outputs And Reusing Graphs

  • Lava Islands

  • Sci-Fi Door

  • Tiles

  • Trim Sheets

  • Concrete Bricks

  • Ground Center Piece

  • Crest and Fabric

  • Muddy Aftermath

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1on1 vip support

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Skills that you are going to achieve
Become a master of Substance Designer with unparalleled skills in 3D graphics and game development.

Learn how to create procedural textures and optimize materials using a node-based workflow and PBR principles. Develop parametric designs, manipulate Substance graphs, and seamlessly integrate with Allegorithmic Substance Suite.

Visualize and apply textures in 3D while understanding industry-standard practices. With these skills, you can contribute to breathtaking visuals in the digital realm.

Start your journey today and unleash your creativity!
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Subs Idv Course

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Valid until canceled

All the Nodes

Custom Outputs And Reusing Graphs

Tips Tricks Techniques

Decals and Alphas

Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag

Stylized Wooden planks

Realistic Wooden Parquet

Lava Islands

Sci-Fi Door


Trim Sheets

Concrete Bricks

Ground Center Piece

Crest and Fabric

Muddy Aftermath

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