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Autodesk Maya Rigging Course

Unlock the Fundamentals 

of Rigging 

Dive into Bones, Controls, and more!

Explore your creative side with M3DS Academy's newest course

Experience required

Knowledge Basic


2 months


14 hours / week


Online with 1 on 1 mentorship



Let's learn how to create a fully functional custom rig for the character. We'll go over all the necessary steps in creating a rig, control rig, ik/fk switches, referencing, and more. We're still mostly sticking with Maya's native rigging tools so that we can learn all the basics!

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Program overview

Advanced Skeleton 

Let's look at one of the most popular rigging plug-ins for Maya. Advanced Skeleton offers a wide range of tools to help you speed up your workflow. Whether that is creating a full skeleton, or adding dynamics to your existing characters advanced skeleton is a great tool to have in your suite.

ZooToolsPro and Hive 

In this chapter, we'll go over the full Pipeline of creating a functioning character rig using Autodesk Maya and ZooToolsPro. We will be learning ZooToolsPro Hive workflow, but this workflow applies the same as with HumanIK. Once again ZooTools is an extremely powerful plug-in for Maya with many different use cases. Please do consider supporting Andrew from Create3DCharacters who made this awesome Tool.

Unreal Engine 

In this closing chapter, we will learn how to properly import and retarget your character in Unreal Engine. We will go over how to create dynamics, animations, movements, and more.

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Pre recorded

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Assignments with references

bonus classes

For further advancement

1on1 vip support

on Discord at any time Mon-Friday

You will have the opportunity to develop a variety of valuable skills.
Skills that you are going to achieve
You are showcasing your portfolio at the maximum, integration on the web!
  • Skeletal Meshes 

  • Physics Components

  • Dynamics 

  • Retargeting 

  • Montages 

Skills that you are going to achieve
You are showcasing your portfolio at the maximum, integration on the web!
  • Skeletons

  • Controls

  • IK Handles

  • Constraints

  • Switches

  • Advanced Skeleton

  • Dynamics

  • Studio Library

Autodesk Maya Rigging Course
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Best Value

Academy Year Bundle: 1, 2, 3 & 4



Discounted Bundle: From $14,760 to $12,380

Valid until canceled

Academy Year 1 + Benefits

Academy Year 2 + Benefits

Academy Year 3 + Benefits

Academy Year 4 + Benefits


Substance Painter Beginner to ADVANCE

​Concept art for GAMES

Unreal Engine Developer Course

(48 Months) 1 on 1 - VIP Mentor Support

Unlimited access to classes 24/7, indefinitely.

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Valid until canceled

Joints, Bones, IK Handles

Controls and Control Rigs

Constraints and Parents


IK/FK Switches

Studio Library


Advanced Skeleton



Skeletal Meshes

Physics Components



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