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With the help of great desire, enthusiasm, and creativity, everyone managed to highlight great creative creations over the past 7 years.
On the 7 edition of the Game Design How To? - 2022 we had over 480+ attendees!
According to the statistical pages of this year's edition, 92% of the participants have no prior experience in 3D or general knowledge of the programs.

M3DS Academy declares of no previous knowledge is required to sign up and become the best digital artist for 2024!

Game Design How To? 2022

Welcome to the 6th edition of the Game Design How To? This year we are creating something special for the new generation of game creators!

At the end of the
Game Design How To? you will have the ability to create your own game as an individual or as a team!

On this journey everything will affect the ranking process, keep in mind to read out the rules very carefully, they will guide you to the finals.

The competition starts on 25/10/2021 (Monday), Applications for new members and teams will end on 27/10/2021 at 11:59 PM.
The groups that are already organized, can not replace members without cost. They can only add members to their group. 

Every contestant that is in a team will start as an individual, they will have to submit their own game in order to get into the finals with their team.

That means if you are in a team and one of your members did not submit(Upload) their own Game, your team will receive
(-10) points.
(Born as a team die as a team)

The submissions for the finals will be on 29/10/2021 (Friday) - 11:59 PM
On 30/10/2021 (Saturday) - 10:00 am all of the teams and individuals will receive their points.

What happens after the submissions for the finals:
Teams - After your individual game is summited, you will have to choose which of your members has the best game so far so you can all continue to work on it, or you can immediately start a new one.

Individuals - You can continue working on your game until the finals submission on 31/10/2021 Sunday (11:59 PM).

NOTE: Don't mind the scoring board or the submission for the finals, continue to work on the game.
If there are any problems or irregularities we will contact you or your team.
All of these rules are made in order for all contestants to have an equal chance to win!


Uploads for the FINALS starts at 30/10/2021 (11:59AM)
Until - 31/10/2021 (11:59PM),
Applies for Everyone!

if the video is large send it to


Applications for new cotestands and teams will end on 26/10/2021 11:59PM.

Game Design How To? 2021

Course Videos

Below you will find the video tutorials for the Game Design How to? 2021, the following tutorials 02.1, 02.2, 02.3, 02.4, are introductions to Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Where you will find how to install Unreal as well as import custom assets for you game.

There is no restriction if you are using Unreal 4 or 5, but we do recommend you instal Unreal Engine 4.26!. 

Your game starts with the video 02_Intro to UE, but don't worry all of the videos are in order.


With the asset pack you are ready to start your own game from start to finish!.

The Unreal Engine project has all of the Blueprints (Code) already created.
So if you are just an artist and you dont want to learn the coding process you can download the project and start from the last video 17_Customizing and Publishing your Game
Keep In mind this will cost you (-50) points!